Technical Analysis Stock Market Course

The MAP course is specially designed to make you a complete analyst, right from capital market basics to generating positional calls through Technical Analysis EOD program, then moving on to make Option Strategies to do almost a risk free trade and earning an excellent Return on Investment, further progressing to Advanced Technical Analysis and finally gaining expertise in Intra – Day trading as well. There is no pre-requisite for the students to begin the course, as we begin from the scratch.

Hence, this complete MAP course enables one to generate Short Term Calls convert them into Long Term Positional Trades thereby making huge profit for you by entering near the bottom and selling near the top of the price range.

The course we offer is:-
  • Capital market basics.
  • Technical analysis (EOD).
  • Option basics and strategies module.
  • Advance candle stick module.
  • Advance chart pattern module.
  • Advance Elliot and volume module.
  • Intraday strategies module.
Please Note:
  1. Fee for every course includes its study material as well.
  2. The IDSM Module will be taught during the market hours. It’s a 30 trading days training for 4 hours for every trading session.
  3. Free of cost live software will be provided to the students for the IDSM module. ( Meta stock, Advance get and Spider.)
  4. One month internship shall be provided to students either registering for the entire MAP course or only for IDSM module.

Course Days: Weekdays / Weekends.

Technical Software’s: Spider, Meta-stock, Advance Get.