CFP Course

The CFP, Certified Financial Planner is the most recognized Financial Planning qualification in the world.

The CFP is recognized in 24 countries worldwide including USA, UK, Canada, Australia etc. There are about 100,000 Certified Financial Planners worldwide

In India there are less than 1500 individuals who are Certified Financial Planner, although 50,000 Certified Financial Planner are required.

Why pursue CFP certification courses

  • FPSB, INDIA is the licensing authority for CFP cm, Certificate Mark in India through an Affiliate Agreement with FPSB, DENVER USA.
  • There are approximately top 50 financial service companies that have turned into charter members, supporters, recruiters & promoters of CFP certification in India.
  • Endow you with an ability of superiorly managing your finances along with the capability of helping others with their financial planning.
  • It will give YOU an international Degree in YOUR resume.
  • This course also demands a lot of intelligence skills, which you will find very challenging.
  • YOUR Career and Professional development abilities are enhanced.