C++ course in Delhi

Object oriented languages such as C++ is finding increasing popularity in the work places and newer methodologies are developing to refine object-oriented design and analysis further. C++ thus has evolved from a young, vigorous and experimental programming language into a refined and well-developed programming tool and being used on various platforms.

Time Duration: – 40 Hours

Contents of C++ Language:

    1. Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
    2. OOPS Vs Procedural programming
    3. Conditional Constructs
    4. Looping Construct
    5. Functions
    6. Arrays
    7. ‘String’ class and its functions
    8. Pointers in detail along with their implementations
    9. Classes and Objects
    10. Constructors and Destructors
    11. Operator Overloading
    12. Friend Functions and Classes
    13. Implementing operator overloading using ‘friend’ functions
    14. Abstract Classes, Static variable in a class and static member functions, Run-time, Polymorphism(virtual and pure virtual functions).
    15. File Handling
    16. Namespaces, ANSI/ISO C++ standard along with ‘std’ namespace, ‘using’ directive,
    17. Exception Handling, Dynamic Memory Allocation (using ‘new’ and ‘delete’ operators)

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