C Training in Delhi NCR

C is a structured and procedural programming language used to develop portable application software. It is also known as the middle level language, as it combines the best features of the assembly language as well as of high level language.

C allows you to work with bits, bytes, and addresses, which are the basic elements used for computer’s functioning. Apart from this, C also provides portability to a program, which means that you can easily run a C program in DOS as well as Widows operating system.

Time Duration: – 40 Hours

Contents of C Language:-

    1. Introduction to Procedural Oriented Programming
    2. Conditional Constructs
  • If-else, switch case
  • 3. Looping Constructs
  • While, do while and for
  • 4. Functions
  • Various kinds of functions
  • Local, Global, Static variables including ‘extern’ keyword, Macros and its
  • Expansions, const variables
  • Preprocessor and Preprocessor directive
  • Recursion
    5. Arrays
  • Single and Multi-dimensional arrays in detail, Strings, string handling functions, Matrices
  • 6. Pointers in detail along with their implementations
    7. Structures
    8. Unions
    9. Enumerated Data types
    10. File Handling

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