Asp .Net Training

ASP.NET, i.e., Active Server Pages .NET is a technology developed by Microsoft to create web pages. In today’s world where the internet is the lifeline of every field, the importance of ASP.NET cannot be overemphasized.

Before the introduction of ASP.NET, the web pages used to be static and would not update automatically but with the coming up of ASP.NET, web pages have become dynamic. Various websites such as,, etc. are using this technology for their website. This makes us include ASP.NET in our curriculum at our ASP.NET training center in Delhi.

Time Duration: – 40 Hours

Contents of Asp.Net:

Introduction To .NET, ASP.NET And VS-2010
  • Basics of Web
  • Difference between Static and Dynamic Website
Static Website
  • HTML
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)
  • JavaScript
  • Templates and Website Hosting
Dynamic Website (ASP.Net)
  • Standard Control
  • Validation Control
  • How to Make Your Own Custom Control
  • Master Page
  • Navigation Controls
  • State Management
  • Login Control
  • Data Control
SQL Server
  • Sql Queries
  • Create Table (Insert, Update, Delete, Select)
ADO.NET (Connected & Disconnected) Using SQL Server
  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Web Service
  • Sending Mail in ASP.NET
  • Embed Flash File in Your Websites

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